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cock-a-doodle brews

This project that began more than two decades ago with a homebrew kit, a box of pre-hopped malt extracts, a packet of dry yeast, and a dash of makers’ spirit.  From these ingredients flowed hundreds of gallons of brew, and most of it pretty drinkable. 

Today, Cock-a-Doodle Brews has developed a stable of foundational, hand-crafted recipes that are beginning to be known by name, and we regularly experiment with offshoots, seasonal variants, and wild new originals.  All still brewed in the smallest of small batches.  

Check out our site, and drop us your email while you’re there so we can keep you posted on our latest efforts.  We do enjoy sharing with friends.  

The sycamore project

A fresh idea still formulating a bit before launch.  This is a creative project that will let a group of creative voyeurs follow wanderings down the path of a uniquely conceived creative process:  pictures  >>>  words  >>>  sounds.  ART.  

It may not work, but I couldn’t be more excited to give it a try.  

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Those who protect themselves from hostile ideas deprive themselves of the opportunity to develop their own convictions.



Grand Cayman Beauty
The 2017 Solar Eclipse
Lake Jacomo, Missouri
Sitter Downs – Putting the Ponies Out to Pasture

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Flint’s (slowly) learning the ropes on web hosting, domain registration, WordPress, and site development.  More fun to come.